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The E4 Stockholm bypass features one of the world’s longest tunnels in an urban environment. 21 km long, 18 km of which in twin tunnel alignment with three lanes in each direction. A further 14 km of entry and exit ramps and 4 km of access tunnels gives a total excavated length of 54km. (maps: bypass with junctions)

Swedish Transport Administration estimates:

Construction time = 10 years.
Simultaneous active building sites = 7.
Peak number of employees = 4000.
Max Capacity = 140 000 vehicles/day, reached 15 years after opening.

Taking out 19 million metric tons of blasted rock and 3.5 million metric tons of dirt.
Putting in 1 million m³ of concrete.

Total energy use during construction = about 7 000 000 GJ  (1,94 TWh).
Emission of climate gases during construction = about 570 000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Energy use to keep the expressway operational = 50 GWh/year.
Carbon dioxide to keep the expressway operational = about 2400 ton/year.

Calculated cost.
Cost to build = 31 000 000 000 SEK
(€ 3,35 billion / Mid-market rates: 2015-11-16 22:41 GMT)
Cost with interest = 60 000 000 000 SEK
(€ 6,45 billion / Mid-market rates: 2015-11-16 22:41 GMT)
Loan paid off = 2057

Who needs E4 The Stockholm bypass?

Business, trade, transport and construction industry.
Sweden’s Chambers of Commerce is pushing hard for the expressway

BIL Sweden.
A trade and lobbying association for producers and importers of cars, trucks and buses.
The member companies account for around 99% of new car sales in Sweden.
For BIL Sweden the car is an integral part of the sustainable society where the climate, the environment, security, mobility, development and growth is central.

European Commission – Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T.
The bypass will be a part of the TEN-T core network corridors. The Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor is a crucial north-south axis for the European economy, stretching from the Russian border, crossing the Baltic Sea, from Finland to Sweden and southwards to the Italian ports and Valletta. The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport works in concert with the European Union Member States, European industry, citizens and stakeholders.

Private motorists.
Who for decades have been told that this motor highway will end the congestion in the Stockholm traffic

Why build E4 The Stockholm bypass?

According to Swedish Transport Administration: It connects the southern and northern parts of the Stockholm county, relieves the arterial roads and the inner city of traffic and reduces the vulnerability of the Stockholm traffic system.

According to commerce: Stockholm is one of the fastest growing regions in Europe.

According to the environmental organisations in Sweden: The intent is to exploit farmland north, south and west of Stockholm and in doing so create an urban sprawl.

Who got the contracts to build?



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